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Japan Society of Electrical Machining Engineers (JSEME)

The Japan Society of Electrical Machining Engineers (JSEME), as its name indicates, is a gathering of engineers and researchers involved in electrical machining. It was established in 1967 with the aim to promote the advance and progress of science and technology related to electrical machining, and contribute to industrial growth.
JSEME's activities are broad-ranging, covering many areas from the theories to applications of machining methods applying EDM (diesinking EDM, wire EDM, etc.), machining methods applying energy beam such as laser beam machining, electron beam machining, ion machining, machining methods applying electrolysis such as electro-chemical machining and electro-chemical grinding, various composite processes combining other machining methods, rapid prototyping, finishing machines, machining techniques, and related techniques including software. Members are diverse, coming from companies, schools, research institutes, etc.
JSEME welcomes not only those involved in electrical machining, but also those active in interdisciplinary and other areas to join.

Membership Benefits

  1. JSME provides a wide array of reliable information from a broad perspective.
  2. Members enjoy access to research, development, enhancement, and investigative results at national conferences and electrical machining study groups, and numerous opportunities for exchange of ideas with researchers and specialists.
  3. Members can present their achievements in the JSEME Journal, International Journal of Electrical Machining (IJEM, an English journal), Journal of Electrical Machining Technology (Denki-Kakou-Gijutsu), and proceedings of national conferences.
  4. Members receive free issues of the JSEME Journal, Journal of Electrical Machining Technology (Denki-Kakou-Gijutsu), conference materials, IJEM, and proceedings of national conferences.
  5. Members are given priority to participate in various events held by the JSEME such as study groups, exchanges, conferences, tours, etc., as well as in many cosponsored events with other societies, etc.
  6. Members can enjoy networking opportunities and acquire beneficial information through meetings and receptions, and deepen relations with many researchers and engineers.
  7. Members have easy access to related information of various countries through international conferences and symposiums, etc.

Joining JSEME

  1. Membership Grades
    Membership comprises of individual members (annual membership fee: 8,000 yen), special members (companies, groups, etc., annual membership fee per share (20,000 yen), student members (annual membership fee: 3,000 yen), and honorary members. Members of all nationalities are welcomed. Members living abroad are required to add 5,000 yen to their annual fee.

  2. To Join
    To apply for membership, please contact the following by telephone, fax, or in writing. We will send you an application form shortly, and invoice you for membership fees and admission fees (1,000 yen) after processing membership applications.

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Japan Society of Electrical Machining Engineers
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